[*ToXiC*H*]: The alien took the lighter.


[...:::Beautful Dirty Rich:::...]: Wanna be my new receptionist?


[AlterEgo]: Look for the exit.


[Wicked Tattoos]: It's in the fallen angel's hands.


[Duh!]: That is an odd looking pillow!


[Xplosion]:The sweet cats are best friends (Complete Avatar Section)


[MoDANNA]: Girls just wanna have fun.


[Holli Pocket]: YOU made a mistake, so this slip on will stay ON!


[.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop]: Hop onto my bunny chair!


[*PerveTTe*]: Look for the Calendar


[*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*]: Im planted here


[N1CO]: Take a break


[Glitzz]: She is pointing to where I am!


[*Vixen*]: In one word... Chill!


[Love Zombie]: Sex, Drugs, Zombies


[20.FIVE]: Birds dont snore


[Insanya]:These boots were made for walking


[Candy Crunchers]: I think the Elephants need a light?


[Sassy!]: Be careful while hunting... STEP carefully!


[SHUP BISH]: Comfortably numb.


[SUGARMARMITE]: I think this bow will fit me


[Kabuki Creations]: I don't want to fall in the water


[Atelier N.M]: Cash or Credit Card?.


[Geek.]: Prevention is the first step to unavoidable & unwelcome socializing.


[Letis Tattoo]: Come in and put yourself comfortable.


[Static]:Have a Seat


[KL Couture]:Near Mexico I found the best boots.


[MODA]:I am next to the register


[Sugar & Cyanide]: I'm not a receptionist.


[B-DaZZled]: I think she's pointing to it...


[[ bubble ]]: Accessorize!


[.HollyWeird.]:He loves me...He loves me not...


[Breath]: I am not a DEMO!


[( M ) Mystery]: Where the kitty Lies


[Gang/Cold]:What does the fox say?


[>>>Poison<<<]: Until midnight


[Tabou irresistible]: Every LIGHTer has a SHADOW











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